Gallery 2022 – Maryam Almasi



This collection is about the unexpected mixture of cultures, textures, and humor!
Falling into the arms of the unexpected and celebrating it.
In a constant search for finding the answers to Who I am? Do I fit in? Am I accepted? I often find myself unexpected.
I settled only when I realized, I am who I am! There is nothing more to it!
Concepts like freedom or appropriate have opposite meanings in different cultures.
Conflicts are just funny illusions.
Unexpected is just what we haven’t seen yet.

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Alpaca-blend top programmed on Stoll. Cashwool lace pants with fringe details

Stretch corseted bodysuit with lace pants, embellished with fringe using rug-weaving techniques

Drawing of  the garment to emphasize the unexpected contrast of silhouettes

Unexpected mix of silhouettes and textures created this knitted jumpsuit

Burgundy stretch corseted bodysuit with lace pants, hand-appliquéd with fringe embellishment, using rug-weaving techniques

Extra fitted corset and super bulky pants

Close up of the corset, emphasizing fully fashioned techniques and embellishments

Fully fashioned corset programmed by Stoll, finished with fully fashioned trims

Side view of the garment with extra-fitted corset and super bulky pants

Alpaca-blend top, Cashwool pants, sponsored by the leading Italian yarn mills, Lineapiu and Zegna Baruffa

Meet the Designer

Maryam Almasi

Tehran, Iran



Photographer: Anna Istomina
Model: Claire Greidanus

FIT, State University of New York

©2023 Fashion Institute of Technology