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BLUR is based on the overwhelming feelings I associate with times when I struggle to find my place in the world, when I feel life around me is moving too fast for me to keep up.

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A dress form wearing jeans that have ties wrapping around, a sheer textured top, and a floor-length trenchcoat

This look consists of three pieces, a floor-length trenchcoat, a sheer top, and hand-dyed jeans.

A close-up image of the button details on the trenchcoat. The image shows six tortoiseshell buttons going down the center front of the coat and the two straps that tie around the sleeve of the coat.

Close-up of top texture and coat details

A hand is holding open the trenchcoat, showing the emerald green binding finish inside the coat.

Emerald green binding finish throughout coat

A close-up detail shot of the dress form wearing a sheer textured top and sage green jeans with vertical slits going down the seams on the center of the legs and ties that wrap horizontally around the legs.

Heat manipulation on chiffon top to create texture, slits and tie details on jeans

A side view of the long trenchcoat shows off the two D-ring strap details on the puff sleeve. The sleeve has a wide cuff and button closure.

Side view of coat, belt, and D-ring details to create more texture and folds along sleeves

Meet the Designer

Melany Almonte

Bronx, New York


FIT, State University of New York

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