Gallery 2022 – Meng Sun



My work is inspiration by my real life. In the last two years, I’ve experienced a hard time. There’s a horrible virus everywhere. Loneliness surrounds us. The vest uses an asymmetric structure. One side has two times the volume on the shoulder than the other.

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The white ruffle is adds three times the volume to support the huge shape.

3D ruffle

The ruffle and side part use the same color.

Black and white

The pant uses the same design as top. It adds white ruffle on the left side too.

Side ruffle pants

In order to balance the whole look, the neckline is designed to be a simple and clean V.

V neckline

The zipper uses double heads, so it gives one more wear option.

Double-headed zipper

Meet the Designer

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Meng Sun




Model: Elizabeth Wise

FIT, State University of New York

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