Gallery 2022 – Miranda Hanson

Special Occasion

To a Place That Raised Me and the People Inside of It.

This project is inspired by a hometown grocery store in Gretna, Nebraska, that my grandparents and family have owned and operated for over 25 years. This space was a huge part of my childhood and teenage years. I spent thousands of hours here. Vintage work jackets, deli aprons, and butchers smocks were all draped and manipulated on a dress form to create silhouettes for this collection. Fabrics were sourced from deadstock marketplaces or bought as raw materials and dyed with food waste.

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Detachable sleeve-inspired waist belt to accentuate shape and add movement

Bodice of dress is fitted with snaps down the center front and a quilted design along neckline.

Detail shot of bubble bomber dress and quilted neckline

Model poses with Coca-Cola 12-pack cans with one leg up on the packs.

Rib trim used along the bottom edge of dress and sleeve belt

Model poses in front of freezer section of grocery store.

Corset bodice construction with steel boning used throughout

Model poses with grocery cart in front of freezer doors.

Snaps along center front and welt pockets in the skirt

Meet the Designer

Miranda Hanson

Omaha, Nebraska



Photographer: Natalie Grace Schindler
Model: Faron Medhi

FIT, State University of New York

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