Gallery 2022 – Monica Palucci


Close to Home

This project is a practice in and exploration of mindful recreation and re-creation as mutually inclusive, inspired by personal narratives and the progression of my relationship to the natural world, beginning with childhood. I juxtapose elements of technical design with traditional techniques and vintage materials to create in a way that considers reciprocity with nature and mirrors the way I benefit from and interact with it while questioning how we narrowly represent this interaction.

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Person standing in the woods wearing a white short-sleeve shirt and green pants with a quilting pattern on them. The person is tying closed the strings that open and close the pockets on the top.

Convertible rain pants made of upcycled tents and hammocks patched together in a quilt pattern.

Close-up of the green rain pants as someone is walking in the woods wearing them. The close-up shows snaps on the inside of a slit found at the bottom side of the pants. The pants are zip-offs, so this portion of the pants is removable.

Sew-on snaps for reuse and recyclability purposes. Bottom half of pants transform when removed.

Close-up of the white cotton shell jacket hanging from a branch in the woods with the light shining subtly through the jacket, showing the details hidden behind the surface but made visible with the light.

Jacket made from upcycled sleeping bag liners and vintage hankies. Treated with biodegradable wax.

Person walking through a field of bright green skunk cabbage in the woods wearing the white cotton jacket with the white cotton tie pants. The tie pants look like large bandannas or squares tied together on the sides.

Jacket with removable hood over cotton tie pants made from upcycled liners and vintage hankies.

Close-up of the white tie pants worn with the green jumbo tie puffer scarf in the woods. The details of the embroidery on the vintage handkerchiefs on the pants are more visible here. The puffer scarf looks like several puffy little pillows tied together at their corners.

Convertible puffer scarf made from deadstock parachute and upcycled comforter over tie pants.

Meet the Designer

Monica Palucci

Pound Ridge, New York


FIT, State University of New York

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