Gallery 2022 – Morgan Grabarz


Force of Nature

This collection references some of the strongest and most catastrophic forces in nature to highlight the beauty of a truly powerful woman. Motifs of elevation maps are embroidered throughout the collection to evoke the fortitude of a mountain, while the hidden and transforming elements convey the idea that you never truly know about the powerful storm that could lie beneath the surface. This collection is designed for a force to be reckoned with.

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A model standing in front of a white backdrop is in the process of removing her black cloak to reveal yellow and black ruffles that line the inside.

Mid-transformation as the garment falls from a cape into a skirt when unbuckled

A close-up image of a black cape with black satin gloved hands showing through the armholes. The textile has a striped pattern in a black color and contrasts against the white backdrop.

Buckled up as a cape with wool pants worn underneath

A photo of the back of the gown looking up at its layers of cascading flounces that trail behind the model. The flounces are made of a yellow satin backed with black chiffon. The bodice is constructed of embroidered, black leather with a cutout exposing the model's back. The model looks off into the distance as she poses elegantly.

Chiffon and satin flounces decorate the back of the gown when worn down.

An image of the full look when worn down as a gown. It consists of a yellow and black flounce skirt with a dragging train, leather bodice with front and back cutouts, and a structured bra constructed of the same fabrics displayed in the skirt.

Worn as a gown, the look consists of an embroidered leather bodice, flounce skirt, and wool pants.

Meet the Designer

Morgan Grabarz

New Hope, Pennsylvania



Photographer: Anna Schluterman
Model: Savannah Trimble

FIT, State University of New York

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