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City Dweller: The Simulation

It’s inspired by a dystopian future with its lowlife citizens not knowing they are trapped a video game simulation; the main avatar is the only one who notices otherwise. The garments are meant to show visibility and utility in the eternal nights that these city dwellers are accustomed to.

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Black parka with neon boot-printed hooded capelet with front straps, paired with black joggers. Avatar is sitting down with legs apart, leaning their head on their left arm, which is resting on their left knee.

This look is a nylon waterproof parka with retractible capelet, joggers, and a bodysuit.

Back parka in 3/4 view with hood down and the reflected side detail of the joggers. Avatar is showing their back while standing and looking over their shoulder.

The boot-printed capelet can be stored inside of the pocket. This look has seven pockets in total.

Front parka in 3/4 view. It has straps from the capelet and two hexagon-shaped pockets. Avatar is in the middle of walking, holding one of the straps on their right arm while looking to their left.

When the capelet is in use, it can be secured with the belt sliders on the front of the garment.

Open parka showing green neon lining and black bodysuit and the joggers elastic belt. Avatar is glaring at the camera while standing in a 3/4 view.

The parka is lined with the same waterproof nylon but green. The turtleneck bodysuit is neoprene.

Full frontal view of closed parka with capelet completely redacted, showing the solid black fabric. Avatar is standing full frontal with their hands in the jogger's pockets

Once the capelet is retracted, it turns into a solid black parka that matches the cotton joggers.

Meet the Designer

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Bayamón, Puerto Rico


FIT, State University of New York

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