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Flatout901 is an Istanbul-based lifestyle brand for men and women, founded in May 2020 by my friend and me. We try to move forward as a whole with a world that rotates around its own axis, and we do not forget our essence as we move forward. This is all about the Flatout901!
One of my goals is to provide a more sustainable and understanding approach, and thus to be more innovative by regenerating previous designs. I try to be more conscious and place the brand in recycled fashion.

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The model poses with her hands behind her back as the subway passes behind her. She wears a Flatout901 regenerated sweatshirt and Flatout901 sweatshirts that have been transformed into a corset and pants. The sweatshirt is beige and has the brand's logo on it. The middle and back of the corset are beige, the sides are khaki. They have prints on them. The pants are made of neoprene and sweatshirt pieces. It has reflector piping details.

Subway Chasers

The model poses in the studio by leaning back. "Wet floor" warning and orange cones were used in the studio to reinforce the streetwear theme. Again, it has a recycled corset and reflective piping trousers. Since the angle of the photo was taken from below, the reflector details are in the foreground.

Caution Wet Floor

This photo was taken on the street, and the wall in the background has a yellow Flatout901 graffiti. In this close-up photograph, the model holds her head with both hands and leans forward slightly, aiming to highlight the details of the corset.

901 Delivery Service

This photo was taken on the street and in the same background. We see the back of the model and the designs. The model clasps her hands behind her back and bends backward. We see the sleeve detail at the end of the beige sweatshirt more closely. Again, we see the back prints of the crop sweatshirt and the back prints of the corset. The back closure of this recycled corset is closed with bird eyes and unused cords of sweatshirts.

Regenerated 901

Meet the Designer

Nazli Akan




Photographer: Yigit Ozer, Yasemin Topcu, Inci Nur Tufekci
Model: Nazli Akan

FIT, State University of New York

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