Gallery 2022 – Nicole Odessky



Involution is a collection that evokes the journey of internal growth and the transformation in which the heart, mind, and soul evolve to achieve a higher level of consciousness. The patterns created for my thesis project were inspired by my late mother’s artworks, which portray figures on surreal backgrounds with intricate layers juxtapositioned.

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Close-up image of an oversized ivory cardigan with a chunky shawl collar

Organic wool and mohair cardigan. The collar was hand-knitted and the body was hand-loomed.

Back view of the full body where the embroidery on the back of the cardigan can be seen. The embroidery is tufted with earth-tone colors and covers the whole back. It is a human figure that blends into a cloudy background, and the lines that extend from their body create the illusion of turning into a tree.

Tufted hand-embroidery on the back of the cardigan

The model has a very organic pose, where one of her arms is higher than the other. The picture shows only the top half of the body, and she is wearing only pants and a sweater. The sweater has a large organic pattern that flows around the whole garment. The sweater has a turtleneck, and the main color is ivory with a pattern in different shades of brown and grey.

Double jacquard sweater programmed in STOLL, inspired by my mother’s artwork

Front view of the whole body. The model has her body almost straight, showing the three layers of the look (pants, sweater, and cardigan). It has an oversized, relaxed look. The cardigan is open, showing the print of the sweater. The pants are scrunched at the bottom, on top of black loafers.

Oversized ivory look with organic earth-tone color patterns

The model is leaning backwards with one leg in front of the other. The cardigan is falling off one of her shoulders, and her face is looking down. The light reflects on the pants, showing the pattern created by the travelling drop stitches.

Hand-loomed pants with travelling drop stitches

Meet the Designer

Nicole Odessky

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Photographer: Anna Istomina
Model: Claire Greidanus

FIT, State University of New York

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