Gallery 2022 – Qi Yun

Special Occasion

Greater Than Fiction

Greater Than Fiction is a collection inspired by dragons from both Eastern and Western cultures. It illustrates an image of a woman who is elegant, mysterious, and powerful. By using the ruffled chiffon and tailored silk wool jacket, it gives a contrast but remains harmonious simultaneously.

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The contrast between the dragons of the East and the West symbolizes the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, but they are mutually integrated and interdependent in today's environment of rapid information dissemination. The dragon in the West symbolizes evil and destruction, and the dragon in the East symbolizes sacredness and shelter. The dark and bright sides of personality derive from the contrast between the two. The transition from darkness to light can also be seen from the choice of colors.

Details of the multi-collar blush evening set designed by Qi Yun

The colors of the series have started to have two color themes. One is composed of pink, blue, and other colors, achieving a balance of softness and rigidity; and another set of colors is a gradient of neutrals. In the end, I chose the latter because I think the transition from dark to light color can highlight a kind of holy beauty, from darkness to light. The extension is the growth of the status of women in human civilization, from darkness to light.

The theme of Greater Than Fiction is intended to be elegant, mysterious, and powerful.

In the selection of fabrics, in order to highlight the strong silhouette, medium-weight fabrics are selected. Light fabrics were too soft to achieve the silhouette I wanted, and heavy fabrics would make the already bulky clothes bulkier. Medium fabrics achieved the fold effect I wanted.

The image gives an oil painting-like visual effect and shows the delicate silhouette of the garment.

I think that today's fashion design is not only the design itself but also the use of design language to convey the designer's thoughts. My idea is that, based on the universal and long-term existence of male power in human society, women need not only equality in the actual sense, but also spiritual support and help to provide power for their spiritual world. And I am willing to work hard for this. In the same way, my works are designed in this way.

Qi Yun wears the blush evening tulle skirt and multi-collar embroidery vest.

Qi Yun wears the V-cut black cotton satin blouse with fading ruffled chiffon sleeves.

Qi Yun wears the V-cut black cotton satin blouse with fading ruffled chiffon sleeves.

Meet the Designer

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Qi Yun

Beijing, China



Photographer: Roemel Gaddy
Model: Qi Yun

FIT, State University of New York

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