Gallery 2022 – Sandy Wei



This collection is inspired by Li culture from my hometown. The title “HlouDaeus” means lasting forever, to express my desire to preserve this culture in my way. I use their unique tattoo as my main element, using fabric manipulation to achieve the tattoo concept, combined with leather to create a futuristic garment.

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This is a  3/4 view of my garment, model squatting on the ground and showing the detail of my fabric manipulation. You can see all my trims clearly. I use leather cords, black bead cords, and ruffle straps to create a Li tattoo.

Black leather cord, ruffle straps, and bead cord create the “tattoo” pattern

Model standing photo, showing the asymmetric cut of my dress

Black leather asymmetric dress, twisted collar, and raw edge hem

Front view of the garment

Embroidered bead cords, leather cords, and ruffle straps on the mesh gloves

Close-up view of garment, model standing and showing the details of my fabric manipulation.

I also made a leather leg chain to achieve the concept of the Li people’s tattoo, from head to toe.

A side view of garment, model waving her arms to show the garment in motion. For this garment, I also made a 3D-print neck wear, inspired by Li tattoo, to show the concept of their head-to-toe tattoo.

Neck wear made by 3D printer. It can also be a headwear.

Meet the Designer

Sandy Wei

Hainan, China




FIT, State University of New York

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