Gallery 2022 – SELIN Y.



The idea of this collection comes from a natural process: oxidation, which reflects the human experience. Humans get older, and so does our world. Therefore, for the sake of our future, we should seek for more sustainable ways to dress up.
CORROSION doesn’t reflect the meaning of life; it is the result of the process of living in time.

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A detail picture of the cotton pants. There are two layers: the lower layer is crinkled camel cotton, and the upper layer is cotton gauze. The pattern is rusty. Model is laying down on the sand.

The pants have two layers. Went through rust dyeing and fraying processes by hand.

The whole look of the cotton pants. Model is wearing a black bandeau and a denim vest. The stand collar has two bottoms on the front sides. and the vest is attached with a belt on the left shoulder. Right side is attached with a waistband made out of Citizens of Humanity jeans.

Upcycled vest has a pocket on the front and is attached with a strap on the right side.

Model is wearing a skirt that is made out of five layers. Even though it has five layers, it is lightweight. The skirt is made with the same fabric and patterns as the pants. It also has a circle-shaped opening on the front, and two sides are attached with three bands. Inside of the opening, there is a hand-stitched gathering in light tan polyester organza. On the top, the model is wearing an upcycled denim jacket that made with one pair of pants and two denim jackets. The sleeves have pockets, and there are two tails attached to the back side of the jacket.

Upcycled crop jacket. It has removable tails on the back and pockets on the sleeves.

A detail picture of the skirt. The model is on the top of tree roots.

Rust-dyed skirt. Circle-shaped opening on the front attached with straps. Hand-stitched gathers.

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Istanbul, Turkey



Photographer: Julianna Sousa
Model: Lochlain Skove

FIT, State University of New York

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