Gallery 2022 – Siddhi Daga


Aurat (औरत) / ‘awe – rvt /

My thesis is an exploration of the role of an Indian woman in society, stemming from my study of generations of women in my family. Daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, but always Aurat, meaning “woman: in Hindi. Throughout these various roles, they have always been the backbone of the family, carrying the burden and all the responsibilities on their strong shoulders, gracefully, with their heads held high.

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The model is gazing slyly into the camera, with her head tilted to the left. She is holding a rose in her right hand, in front of her body. She is wearing a plum-colored, crushed silk jumpsuit that hits just above the knee. The shoulder is dramatic and high, and the sleeve is full length. At her waist is a vintage gold embroidered belt, with floral motifs and gold cording.

Crushed silk, plum, high shoulder jumpsuit with Indian gota patti-inspired embroidered belt

This image zooms in on the hand-embroidered belt. The photo plays with light and dark from the window, highlighting certain parts of the garment. The belt is wide and forms a large concave shape, under the bust and below the waist. The vintage gold floral motifs are embroidered on the crushed plum, flowing over each other like water.

Deconstructed gota patti lace motifs, hand-embroidered with gold cord, on detachable corset belt

This image focuses on the back details of the garment. The model's hair is tied up into a curly ponytail. The zipper is visible in the back, as well as the boatneck opening. The shoulders square out and at the waist, the embroidered, corset-style belt closes with hook and eye.

Back details. Boatneck opening with wide shoulders (4″ shoulder pads) and belt closure

This image displays the full back view of the garment. We see the sleeve with the strong shoulder, the belt closed at the waist, and the top of the loose, straight shorts.

She plays with the light, looks toward challenges, ready to face what may come. AURAT!

Meet the Designer

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Siddhi Daga

Bangkok, Thailand



Photographer: Allan Mendoza
Model: Brianna Diaz

FIT, State University of New York

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