Gallery 2022 – Skyla Warshawsky

Special Occasion

Lucid Dreams

My inspiration for my thesis gown is lucid dreaming. I came up with a design that has colors, crystals, and structure to show the dreamlike state of an altered reality. I used a royal blue mikado fabric for the body of the dress and pocket extensions. AB-coated light sapphire crystals are scattered across the entire gown. The lining of the pocket extensions has a navy silk organza layered on a sparkle mesh fabric to add dimension.

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This image depicts the front view of a floor-length gown. The slightly shaped neckline has crossed straps over the chest. The shape is fitted to the body from the neck to the knee, where it then flares out to create a full skirt. Just below the waist are pocket extensions that stand away from the body.

Front view of the gown with crossed straps, pocket extensions, and intricate hand-placed crystals

This image shows the front side view of the gown. The gown's long train is slightly draped to the side of the body. The neckline drops lower on the side of the dress.

Front view shows the long crystal train draped around the body of the gown.

This image shows a view of the gown. The straps from the front also cross on the back and connect to the gown at the lower back.

Back view shows the fullness of the train of the gown as well as the detailed crystal work.

This is a close-up view of the back of the royal blue gown. It is covered in crystals that reflect multiple colors. The upper and mid back areas are open.

Close-up back view with shaped back seam and hand-placed crystal details

This back view of the gown shows the long train spread out across the floor. The crystals are more concentrated at the shaped princess seam to give the body more of an illusion. The crystals are scattered and more spread out toward the bottom of the gown.

Full back view pictured with long full train, crossed back straps, and back zipper closure

Meet the Designer

Skyla Warshawsky

Farmingdale, New York


FIT, State University of New York

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