Gallery 2022 – Songyeon Han



Traces of the past make us up in the present and suggest a direction for the future. The collection focuses on the remnants left behind by people and their circumstances. It illuminates the beauty of the leftovers by embodying the empty space and the traces left around it. Piled-up vague memories are implemented by layered organzas swirling around the dress.

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A cool gray jacket with organza-layered facings inside, and a blue dress decorated with swirls of organzas

Jacket with decorated dress

Clothes left behind, reminding of a person's vacancy

Still life

Layered organzas hanging on the dress. Pastel colors exaggerate the vagueness of the traces that we have.

Detail cut

A structured volume created by piled-up organzas, well coordinated with the clean finished jacket.

Side view

A huge swirl hanging down through the hipline, asymmetric diagonal lines of dress strings and jacket crossed together

Back view

Meet the Designer

Songyeon Han

Seoul, South Korea



Photographer: Jaegeun Park
Model: Songyeon Han

FIT, State University of New York

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