Gallery 2022 – Sophia Gianna Ho

Special Occasion

Fragile Flowers

Fragile Flowers is a collection inspired by Harry Powell’s flower glass vases. It focuses on flower forms, light refraction, and the transparency and beauty of glass objects. This collection explores texture, shapes, and unique techniques. It is delicate and fragile and includes pastel colours from the spectrum of light. Alluring contrasts are glimpsed in pairings like soft silk used with stiffer fabrics that mold into a certain shape to create volume and structure to the garments.

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Stylised view

Hand dyed and painted 100 percent silk gown

Full front shot

Full view of ombré-dyed gown, fitted bodice, and mermaid skirt with flared out details

Shot of model lying down

Hand-painted flower panel from bodice to skirt

Close-up detail

Up close view of neckline and petals on bodice

Overall feel

Fabrics are dyed with low impact dyes and made of low impact silk fabric.

Meet the Designer

Sophia Gianna Ho

Singapore, Singapore



Model: Shengqi Ming, Morgan Vandermaas

FIT, State University of New York

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