Gallery 2022 – Tina Zhvania


Natural Beauty

My project is about the female form, flesh, and body. The inspiration is taken from nature as it is intertwined with the human body. There are many references to nature being female or feminine, and throughout history, such personifications have been represented by beautiful curvy females. The inspiration is translated through color, textile, shape, and embroidery. The garments are size 14 but are designed to fit various measurements.

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Side view of girl with long hairstyle at the side. Posing, leaning forward, with shoulders back and looking to the left side. She is wearing an oversized white button-down, styled under a faux greenish leather bralette with a lace-up back.

Side view of shirt displaying the voluminous sleeve and opened side seam with asymmetrical hem

Portrait view of a girl wearing an oversized shirt under a bralette. She is posing with her right hand on her chin with an unbuttoned cuff. The shirt is flared out at the hem, which displays the short white bubble skirt.

White cotton button-down shirt with topstitching, hidden placket, convertible collar, and cuffs

 The back view of the previously described look demonstrates the lace-up back of the bralette, further showing the volume of the lantern sleeves, cuffed at the hem with a placket.

Back view showing faux leather bralette lace-up with topstitching

Girl posing with her left hand on the wall showing the back of the embroidered vest. The color of the vest is off-white with black stitching. The art demonstrates a girl sitting and reaching her hand out to another. The embroidery includes loose threads hanging off the vest at the girl's hair and hands.

Showcasing embroidered female, detailed with loose black threads hanging off the garment

The girl posed sitting with a side view with one hand resting on her knee and her chin placed on her hand. The image further shows the embroidery around the vest, with thread tracing detailing the hem.

Detail of embroidery and thread tracing art around the off-white vest

Meet the Designer

Tina Zhvania

New Jersey



Photographer: Logan Hicks
Model: Vaibhavi Pardhi

FIT, State University of New York

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