Gallery 2022 – Vaibhavi Pardhi


Shadows & Light

This collection is based on my visual attraction to shadows created on walls when light passes through windows and household objects. During my struggle with depression, I spent hours in bed gazing at the different shadows on the wall. The print in my designs is made from a photograph of shadows that I clicked from bed, while struggling to get up. The collection’s playful designs also represent coming out of the struggle, finding hope and joy again.

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Girl wearing brown printed catsuit with voluminous organza dress with empire waist and three layers of pleating. The dress has three layers of handmade appliqués made from unravelling a thick woven fabric that looks like jute.

Dress and catsuit front

Side view of the girl in dress and catsuit

Side view

Photographs of the girl twirling in the three-tiered organza dress


Magnified view of the top of dress, focusing on the handmade appliqués made by unravelling a thick jute-like fabric

Handmade appliqué detail

Back view of the girl twirling in the voluminous three-layered organza dress

Back view

Meet the Designer

Vaibhavi Pardhi

Balaghat, India



Photographer: Aansha Tandon
Model: Shanelle Pincus

FIT, State University of New York

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