Gallery 2022 – Valentine Vaillant


La Nostalgie

La Nostalgie was inspired by hundreds of photographs of my father’s family. The theme of deconstruction to the everyday basics was heavily influenced by these photographs. My work is reminiscent of my family from rural France, where they practiced farming for centuries. I wanted to challenge traditional dress and take elements from masculine fabrics and combine them with feminine silhouettes. My look is about creating a narrative that reflects nostalgic values with a modern day aesthetic.

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Photo shoot took place in Raleigh, North Carolina. The image collage was inspired by magazine covers. Model is featured wearing a cropped shearling coat, laser-cut filled with plaid wool and brown shearling, with vintage gloves made by Valentine's great-grandmother. The coat is a cream color with brown shearling trim creating an outline of the coat. Underneath is a dress with a fitted bodice and a full skirt made of yellow and gray checkered wool. Paired with the dress are dark gray stretch wool pants that are fit and flare.

The shearling coat features laser-cut details that are filled with wool plaids and brown shearling.

Image 2 shows the model close up without the shearling coat, highlighting the dress. The model is posing with a matching shearling shawl wrapped around her arms looking up at the sun.

Fitted bodice wool checkered dress with stretch wool kick-flare pants and matching shearling shawl

Image 3 is collaged showing a close-up photo of the back of the shearling coat. We see more of the full skirt and the brown trimmings on the cream shearling coat. Laser-cut details on the back in the shape of flowers.

Back view details of the shearling coat

Image 4 shows the model posed 3/4. The look shows mainly the dress. She is standing holding the shawl, and we see more of the crochet gloves.

Dress paired with matching shearling shawl

Image 5 is shot from above with a white background, showing the model in the dress and holding the shawl on one arm. The shawl covers one leg, on the other there is the flared pant and the furry heeled sandal.

Model Hailey Campbell shown in the full look.

Meet the Designer

Valentine Vaillant

Raleigh, North Carolina



Photographer: Valentine Vaillant
Model: Hailey Campbell

FIT, State University of New York

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