Gallery 2022 – Vazira Sadrieva


4-ply Crepe, Ruby Red Jumpsuit with Hand-beaded application Details

My thesis project is inspired by the baroque style of architecture and interior design. I really wanted to work on my final project on something that would fulfill my childhood dream. I have had a great interest in beading and embellishment since I was very young. Having been so inspired by all the details of the baroque interior designs, it seemed perfect to mix decorative shapes and embellishments together.

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Full front figure of the garment. Perfect fit on the model.

Front figure

Back of the garment

Back figure

Front details of the embellishment

Front close-up detail

Close-up image of the side embellishment

Side detail

Full side figure showing the full side of the garment


Photo 4

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Meet the Designer

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Vazira Sadrieva

Samarkand, Uzbekistan



Model: Amit Friedman

FIT, State University of New York

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