Gallery 2022 – Vera Baohui Liu


Man on the Brink

Characters are the basic building blocks of writing. Whether you’re There are There are some people around me who have both mysophobia and OCD. People like that behave unlike the majority and need more attention. I want to explore their inner world and let more people understand and have more tolerance toward them. There’s nothing wrong with being special. I want to translate their inner world into a kind of aesthetic that is linear and shows the art of empty space.

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The ideas of repetition, symmetry, and protection can be found in this look.

Circular strips are sewn on the top of the double-layer vest.

Double-layer vest worn over sheer houndstooth top, abstract striped pants, and pleated belt.

The quilting technique is used on the top layer of the vest.

The fabrication is all white, and it mixes different textures together.

Two rectangular pleated pieces are sewn together with the belt.

The pleated belt and the abstract striped pants are attached by the snaps on the waistbands.

Decorative flaps on the top of the pleated fabric on both sides

The top worn inside uses both sheer houndstooth fabric and solid white fabric. The neckline is clean-finished with white bias strips. Topstitching detail can be found on the darts.

Twisting details on both sides of the sleeves

Meet the Designer

Vera Baohui Liu

Dalian, China



Photographer: Roemel Gaddy
Model: Yumiko Inoue

FIT, State University of New York

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