Gallery 2022 – Vicky Zhang

Special Occasion

Ethereal Faeries

The concept of my thesis is based upon on a magical garden filled with flowers. A utopia, an escape from reality. The lightness of the silk organza gives the idea of gentleness. Romantic and sentimental, the mood of the entire dress is airy and delicate. It is feminine on the beauty of nature. A buoyant feeling of optimism through the drape and embellishment. A sense of freedom in these fairy-like lightweight dresses.

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The dress is merged into the garden, gently embracing the flower.

Dress made of baby blue silk organza with custom made fabric petals

The asymmetrical hemline flows as the girl walks through the forest, enchanting every plant.

Hand-sewn petals to create flowers with crystal embellishments

The bodice is well fitted with a slightly more voluminous skirt and embellished flowers and beads hanging off the flowers.

A symmetrical hemline that drapes on her legs like the petals of a flower

The softness and airiness of the dress is conveyed with the breath-like silk organza.

The dress merges together with the flowers, creating an ethereal feeling.

Crystal-embellished straps and flowers glisten in the sunlight as she moves.

Bodice with self covered boning and floral embellishments and crystals

Meet the Designer

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Vicky Zhang

New York City, New York



Photographer: Henry Lu
Model: Caroline Beagles

FIT, State University of New York

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