Gallery 2022 – Victoria Bennett Jenner


Tight Grip

This project is about the act of holding onto a precious memory, object, or place that provides a sense comfort and nostalgia. While I continue to live in a fast-paced, bustling city, I continue to hold a tight grip on my favorite childhood memories that were spent in gardens.

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The model is captured walking across the frame while kicking her left leg up in the air.

My design process began with using acid dyes to transform skeins of yarn.

The model is photographed with her arms raised above her head, providing a full visual of the knit flower.

The entire sweater was hand-knit using 100% merino wool.

The model stands and looks away from the camera. The image captures the front of the look.

The orchid flower was knit first, and dyes were applied with a paintbrush.

The model is photographed bending over backward, with her arms falling behind her.

The pants were programmed and made using a 7GG Stoll machine.

The model stands with her body positioned so the image captures a side profile of the look.

Various size cables run down the pant legs.

Meet the Designer

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Victoria Bennett Jenner

Seattle, Washington



Model: Shelby Walter

FIT, State University of New York

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