Gallery 2022 – Yawen Chen

Special Occasion


Walking out of a classical Romanticism oil painting, the concept is focused on grasping the shape of the flowers and sealing it eternally. The elegance and color serves as a wistful symbol of the beauty of nature. The mood of my thesis is extreme Romanticism with pink. Recreating the shape of a flower gives life to a still-life object. Elegance and feminine beauty is pushed to the extreme.

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The petals of the gown burst and sway away from the body, creating movement and giving life to the garment.

High-density peach pink satin gown with fabric flowers. Skirt petals with wiring and boning.

The back of the gown is filled with more petals that create an image of a blooming flower from a Clara Peeters still-life.

Back view of dress with fabric flowers laying on the the hip and the petals falling off the body

The crisp edges and acute details of the gown with floral details hint at transience, Romanticism, and elegance.

The bustier is embellished with laser-cut lace with beaded floral embroidery.

A bouquet of flowers draws attention to the mood of the concept.

The mood of the entire concept is a classical oil painting with extreme femininity.

The petals on the floor and movement of the dress add a sense of femininity and elegance. The arrangement of the petals creates an ambitious feeling of extreme elegance, as if she is walking out of a classical oil painting.

The harmonious movement of the petals reflects the peony flower.

Meet the Designer

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Yawen Chen

Beijing, China



Photographer: Henry Lu
Model: Caroline Beagles

FIT, State University of New York

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