Life After Graduation

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to all the new 2011 bloggers, you’ve almost made it through 8th semester!! That should be a triumph in and of itself!

8th semester for me was very tough. I thought the previous 7 semesters weren’t going to pay off, but I was definitely wrong. 8th semester made me want to give it all I had and put all my effort forth in whatever I did. In the end, everything fell into place (and believe me when I say life goes on, even if you don’t get picked for the show).

I am currently working as an assistant designer for Le Mystere, a well-known intimate apparel company that I interned for during my 8th semester. I can remember how good it felt to be recognized for my hard work and offered a job. Your first paycheck, your very own business card, your own desk, your first real design! There is life after FIT! I have already learned so much working at Le Mystere, more than school could have ever taught me, because this is real life, the BIG LEAGUES! I am very busy most of the time, but honestly it feels good. I have become part of not only a great company, but I feel as if I am part of a tightly knit family.

Christina surrounded by Le Mystere bras (size 40G, if you're wondering)

I just want to say that even though you’ve heard it a thousand times, putting forth your best effort and taking pride in ever little thing you do (no matter how menial the task is) will be recognized. Even if you don’t get the A+, the spot in the show, or even the job, its all life experience that will help you be a better person for when the right opportunity knocks at your door.

Good Luck!