The votes are in!!

Yesterday was the revealing of who’s garments will be walking the runway in two short weeks! They chose 6 garments, in addition to the critic choice winner.  Here are the results….

“Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me” -Snoop Dogg

Hello Fashionistas,

Last week was a big one for all of us here at F.I.T. Say it with me, “jury time”! A lot of us were working around the clock and had time for very little.

And believe it or not, some of us didn’t even make it downstairs to the Great Hall for the jury to give our garment a verdict on whether or not it will be in the show.

Where did I stand in the midst of all this beautiful chaos? Upstairs, mad salty, (insert that line from Clueless from the driver’s ed scene) but alive to see another day and continue my thesis by year’s end.



The synopsis of my collection is the exuberance, opulence, and pure sophistication of the 1920s with an emphasis on “The Great Gatsby” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

So far, so good with my use of the finest cottons used for high-end mens shirting such as broad cloth and Oxford, along with the proper accents such as a silk taffeta with Ascot and cummerband. It was great to communicate so closely with vendors and place orders for send outs to save time on things such as pintucks and pleating. Don’t worry I still sewed my little heart out!



I will admit that the smell of defeat has grazed my skin just as much as a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme Eau de Toilette spray, but the aroma has yet to become neutral. I am not sure of the lesson learned, but I do know this much, having a complete collection means a lot to me and will be so beautiful to behold in the end.



While the lucky few chosen to have their garments in the “Future of Fashion” show are scurrying about doing their fittings with professional models from some of the best modeling agencies in New York, the rest of us are nearing the end of our academic careers, finishing our senior thesis, and moving on to bigger and better things. Hard work pays off and I have a lot more to do so stay tuned…


XoXo – Mark E.


Pre-judging and Judging days

Pre-judging and Judging day!

Last Monday was a stressful day! After spending the night finishing to knit my collar, I had a 45 minutes nap before getting in a cab and heading to school. We all put our our outfits on dress forms and waited for our critic Reiko to pre-judge our looks. We left the classroom for an hour, the time she needed to carefully look at every-one’s work and choose a critic award winner, and eventually deselect some looks for the judging day.
We all came back, dead tired, waiting to quickly pack up our things and have a little nap.
Reiko said she was very impressed with our class and our designs. We went much further than the expected. She would have liked to give many of us an award and added that it was very hard to pick a single one.
The winner was announced, and to a big surprise, it was me! So kudos for that. I am very happy to be the winner – as I have never won any fashion prize or award before. She added that the reason she picked me was that everytime I met her, I had developed my ideas. Also, I seriously listened to all her advices, stepping back from my original ideas and design, looking at my work from an objective point of view, and changing what needed to be changed. Indeed, at the beginning of the process, I was experimenting with plastic very much. I wanted to “glue” plastic bags directly onto my fabrics with latex. The idea was interesting, but not looking as attractive as it may sound. I had many ideas, but eventually, they were all over the place. A few weeks before I started knitting the final fabrics, I decided to change the colors and leave behind anything that looked too “crafty”. I still used the plastic, but knitting black garbage bags.

On Tuesday night, we set up all of our pre-selected outfits in the great hall at school. They were judged for the fashion show (May 4th) and a cotton award was chosen for each specialization track. My roomie and friend Elin got the knitwear cotton award with her amazing cotton paper handknit jacket.

Now it’s spring break and we are looking forward for some chill time! Take care and enjoy the pictures!

Toy Story said it best: Strange things are Happening!

We are approaching the final stretch!  D-day is only 5 days away, and stress levels have already begun to overflow.  As we finish up our second ensemble, we are already sketching our third.  We are in FULL OVERLOAD mode, and are neglecting classes left and right.  We’ve stopped showering, eating, and sleeping. Our normal body functions will slowly start to fade, and we will forget to do simple things such as blink and regulate our body temperatures.  What keeps us going?  A mix of fear and hope.  Fear of the wrath that comes with not completing a garment on time, and hope that somehow or someway this will all be worth it.  These next days will be filled with sore fingers, ravenous trips to the garment district, and hallucinations of red flags.  Apparently most of us have lost our minds and strange things truly are happening… which makes for great video footage ;)  Enjoy.



Who wants a 16-yard cotton Petticoat?

To execute my cotton ensemble, I needed volume and LOTS of it.  I decided to execute the second petticoat of my life using cotton organdy.  Of course, the organdy only came in white so I had to dye it to ivory- which in turn, washed out all the starch.  I spent over 6 hours (actually almost 10 hours)  ironing and starching this fabric over two days.  Now that it feel like paper, it is perfect petticoat material.  I realize it kind of look like little house on the prairie, but it’s so pretty!  Onto the robe at this point.  The robe with be made of sheer cotton tulle which will drape over the petticoat.  8 days and counting friends.