Children’s Wear Senior Class: Student Showcase III – Garment Completions

From the previous showcase, Thai’s finished outerwear piece. She’s also our class Critic Award winner! Click for bigger!

As promised, an individual showcasing of garments from us girls in C706! Everyone deserves a little spotlight don’t they? I’m here to shine it.

We all did some great work. It really came together. There was a lot learned and plenty gained. I’m astounded at how long we were working on all this stuff! From the guidance of Prof. Seggio and the help and expertise of Prof. Varcelona, we made this all happen. It sure happened quickly. Just one blink and the Fashion Show will be over in a dizzying whirlwind and a couple of weeks after that we’ll have a diploma in hand. Wow.

Let’s not get sentimental just yet, time for the showcase!

Return of the Baroque Sisters, Jen and my own dresses.

Casey’s ensemble finished. I’m getting not only the surrealist vibe, but the 1960’s too. You see it right? Mini Twiggy.

Close up of Janine’s beautiful iridescent wool coat with fur cuffs and pink silk dress. She even found matching iridescent buttons at M&J Trimmings. The bow on the dress is so darling. I’m feeling a bit of Chanel sophistication here. Prim, Proper, Posh little lady.

Jihaeng’s adorable sporty number! I can’t get over the ruffled sleeves and the cute heart face. Just too cute for words really. Bonnie suggested pairing it with winged converses. I agree!

Poorum’s colorful ruffled gown with sequin bodice detail. The little fur vest was so soft and lovely too.

Ivy’s layered look complete.

Klazina’s Girl outfit. Earthy and sporty. I love the fur vest, and plus, it’s reversible! Forgot to get a picture of that! It’s awesome.

Chelsea’s Boy and Girl looks, her Girl being for Cotton Inc. I’m just in awe of these! Her construction is just amazing, and these two looks coordinate quite nicely don’t they! I’d love to see them coming down the runway together. Wouldn’t you?

And I had to single out these lovely details. That plaid check shirt is darling, and the cut cotton lace trim on the skirt is fantastic. Truly hard work, but great work.

Alyssa’s size 10 girls. She also did an amazing job with her construction. The wool toggle coat is a feature from last semester that she made a coordinating ensemble for. These garments really display what Alyssa’s design aesthetic is all about.

What do you think of our work? And you haven’t seen it all quite yet, there’s still some unfinished garments. Many may not end up in the fashion show but hey, they are definitely getting posted here!

Look for the post Official Judging recap next time.

Start of Cotton Inc. Ensemble

T-minus two weeks until pre-judging for the fashion show and we are just starting our Cotton Inc. ensembles. For those who don’t know, in order to be able to show two garments on judging day, one of our garments has to be made out of at least 60% cotton and three students in Fashion Design will win awards from Cotton Inc. for the best use of cotton. It’s going to take some late nights and all-nighters to get it done, but we’ve made it this far at FIT and by now can construct garments pretty quickly under pressure. I was only able to go to the workroom twice over spring break because I had to move into a new apartment with the help of my family (not so great timing but at least I was able to do it without having to worry about classes!). Nevertheless, I was able to drape and pattern my cotton corset and will hopefully be able to get it finished by next week! At some point this week I will post my promised update on the Intimate Apparel girls, as I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the next two crazy weeks!

Here’s the drape of my cotton corset:

I still have a long way to go, but graduating in two months is a great motivation. Check back soon for an update on what’s going on in C714 this week!

Week 3

So, a few weeks ago I delted facebook because I found myself being distracted by the nothingness that happens on the site. In this video, you will hear my roommates ridiculous reasoning to why I should still be on the site. Feel free to laugh. You will also see my dying process for the cotton dress….and my distractions in between. Feel free to laugh, again. Finally, you can see kids “dancin’ for change”, the work of my classmates, my skype date, my very “lived-in” room and one of the subways that I depend on every single day! Oh, btw this is one of my favorite songs —U2~ “It’s a Beautiful Day” <3

ENJOY, my friends!