Great Hall Day!

It came and went faster than we all thought it would!

It was such a great day seeing everyone’s garments come together. There was so much creativity and innovation in one room, pictures don’t quite do it justice.

IMG_1082 IMG_1089

This is our beautiful Critique Award winner:

IMG_1090Congratulations to everyone that was a part of such an exciting day!!Hyperlink Logo to Web

Tower of Terror or FIT Freight Elevator?


My fellow classmates and I are taking down our beloved forms for Great Hall Set Up Day! I’m not sure what was more frightening, riding that freight elevator, or knowing that hundreds of people would be looking at and judging our garments very soon!




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judgement day!

A huge sigh of relief came after pre-judging on April 8th, but the real big day was April 14th, the day the judges come in to review which looks will be selected in the show. The looks were sorted by specialization and I’m super proud of the knitwear section as a whole! This year’s turnout was ridiculous, in my opinion the best I’ve seen! Such a great diversity of color, silhouettes, yarn, and stitches!


On April 15th we had an informal ceremony where we received Certificate of Accomplishments by specialization for making it to the Great Hall. This was a fun little moment because it really showed everyone how the knitwear section is one giant family. Yes we are essentially competing against one another but it’s each other that we spend most of our time with and we give great support! It was like those cheesy graduation ceremony moments where everyone cheered and clapped for each other as their named was called, which basically only knitwear did!  The chair of the fashion design department even said herself, knitwear has such a great camaraderie that you won’t find in the industry!!

After a short showing to the public, the final list of the looks that got into the fashion show was posted outside the fashion design office; talk about having anxiety! Unfortunately, I didn’t make it into the show but I haven’t let it get to me or bring me down!


This is just another bump in the road but also shows how this industry is: not everyone is going to like your stuff but someone else out there will! I know my look wasn’t over the top but I’m still proud of myself and the pieces I’ve produced with all the hard work I’ve put into them! It’s a competitive industry, but always try to have a positive outlook, keep going, and DO YOU!smile

Til next time!


The votes are in!!

Yesterday was the revealing of who’s garments will be walking the runway in two short weeks! They chose 6 garments, in addition to the critic choice winner.  Here are the results….

Judging Day 2 Set Up

This week is judging round 2! Tomorrow we will find out officially who’s garments are walking down the runway. Every fashion design student’s garments that were chosen in round 1 are now on display in the Great Hall.  Even though I already showed you what was selected, I took more pictures of everyone preparing their mannequins.