“Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me” -Snoop Dogg

Hello Fashionistas,

Last week was a big one for all of us here at F.I.T. Say it with me, “jury time”! A lot of us were working around the clock and had time for very little.

And believe it or not, some of us didn’t even make it downstairs to the Great Hall for the jury to give our garment a verdict on whether or not it will be in the show.

Where did I stand in the midst of all this beautiful chaos? Upstairs, mad salty, (insert that line from Clueless from the driver’s ed scene) but alive to see another day and continue my thesis by year’s end.



The synopsis of my collection is the exuberance, opulence, and pure sophistication of the 1920s with an emphasis on “The Great Gatsby” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

So far, so good with my use of the finest cottons used for high-end mens shirting such as broad cloth and Oxford, along with the proper accents such as a silk taffeta with Ascot and cummerband. It was great to communicate so closely with vendors and place orders for send outs to save time on things such as pintucks and pleating. Don’t worry I still sewed my little heart out!



I will admit that the smell of defeat has grazed my skin just as much as a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme Eau de Toilette spray, but the aroma has yet to become neutral. I am not sure of the lesson learned, but I do know this much, having a complete collection means a lot to me and will be so beautiful to behold in the end.



While the lucky few chosen to have their garments in the “Future of Fashion” show are scurrying about doing their fittings with professional models from some of the best modeling agencies in New York, the rest of us are nearing the end of our academic careers, finishing our senior thesis, and moving on to bigger and better things. Hard work pays off and I have a lot more to do so stay tuned…


XoXo – Mark E.


Pintucks, Petticoats, and a Probable Meltdown

“Christina, don’t tell me we only have a week to finish our garments, I thought it was two weeks!!” my friend says as I approach my home away from home, C714. Sorry dear friend, I would like another week too, but that is not going to happen. Monday April 12th critic picks the award winner and Wednesday April 14th is judgement day.

Looking back on last weeks postings, I see all my fellow bloggers were fast at work during their “spring break”. I however needed some r&r. I went home (after my usual saturday session in the draping lab) and spent some time with my family. Copious amounts of beads, layers of chiffon, and the looming deadline of a second ensemble were all put on a temporary hiatus. I know that this was not the smartest decision that I could have made, but spending time with loved ones during the Easter holiday seemed like the priority of the moment.

Monday, sigh. After my train was cancelled on sunday, I was up at 3:30 AM to catch the super early train back to the city so I could make it in time for class in the afternoon. Straight from Penn Station I was back into fashion show mode and on a mission in the garment district to buy my second ensemble (cotton Inc.) fabric. $150 later, mission accomplished ( haha, no this does not include the trim that I will be running back for later.) I did succumb to buying some antique lace at Lace Star to complete my vintage look.

$150 spent, 45 minutes- new record

$150 spent, 45 minutes- new record

The drape of my cotton ensemble is near completion. I still need to do the panty, which will not take up my time, but the dear pintucking I’ve decided to do will. Had I planned this better, I would have got my pintucks sent out to be done. Yes this is a legal practice and not cheating. It is very hard to get these devils to be the correct size and spaced evenly, so its A LOT easier to get them sent out, but, VERY expensive. The one yard I wanted to get pintucked professionally was going to be around $98. WAS, is the keyword. I decided to try them out for myself, and after a few sample, I got it perfect, I will have to start charging my own rate!

"new" antique lace and my attempt at pintucking

"new" antique lace and my attempt at pintucking

pintuck close-up sample

pintuck close-up sample

I am also doing a cotton tulle petticoat, it is all draped and patterned, all I need to do is cut it out and sew it. I am off to Lace Star, again, because of a change made to the hemline, I will applique (applique means to cut out the motif of the lace and zig zag stitch it onto the body fabric) the “new” antique lace to the hem, sounds like a good friday night activity.

So I am going to be a busy bee this week. I have to pintuck the rest of the fabric for the bustier and yoke of the skirt, and then make it all, in time for monday. Remember first ensemble? Well I still need to change the sleeves and do some residual beading for monday too, no sweat! (kidding!) I am sure I will not be sleeping this week, so be sure to look for update posts all week long to show you how I will miraculously meet the deadlines! Wish me luck!