The Future of Fashion is here!

Today is the day many of the Seniors have been patiently waiting for (as well as working their butts off for!) The Future of Fashion show will be today, one show at 4pm and the other at 7pm and ¬†although it may be a cloudy rainy day we are all optimistic for this afternoon/evening! I’m excited to share my garment along with my parents who will be attending todays show with me and I know many of my other family members will be tuning in at 7PM to watch the live streaming of the show (believe me I will too, considering the fact they have the best view in the house!!) Well Fingers crossed it all goes well!

photo (7)


This is the pretty EPIC invitations we received (LOVE the pop of color!)

For now heres a photo of the awesome invites, hopefully professional photos will be posted soon, and I’ll make sure to take some myself!

xoxo Cristina