The sweet taste of success.

Finally, its over.

Last night was the infamous BFA fashion show. All our hard work for the past 4 years amounted to this one night, and it was amazing. I hope you all got to watch the 7:30 show online, I did, and the live feed was great!

We each got 3 tickets to the show to bring our family and when we got there to be seated, a lot of people were left out in the cold- or shunned to the “3-D” experience in the auditorium (which I heard was not good, a lot of the detail was lost). Some people gave up extra tickets so people with bigger families could bring everyone, but that didn’t matter. Typical FIT nonsense ensued at the doors and a lot of ticket holders were turned away because they were not actually partaking in the show (having contributed a garment).Luckily, I got my family in plus one extra-  I was NOT going to have a family member watch one of the most important days in my career, a building over with paper glasses on.

The set up was amazing, it was a floor show, meaning that there was no actual raised catwalk, but a sprawling U shaped runway, which I thought was nice. The room was done in all red draperies, a red runway, typical fashion show seating and goodie bags (eyeliner, lipgloss, a notebook, a $50 gift certificate to a salon, and a magazine).

The music was great, and the models looked hot hot hot. I can’t say much for the menswear, not thoroughly impressed. My intimate apparel girls did amazing though. Each lingerie piece stood on its own with an aura of classiness and sex appeal, a few jaws were dropping.

I was very happy with my model and ensemble. At first, I admit, I was not happy my other ensemble wasn’t chosen, but after seeing the show, I have zero complaints. On the fitting day, I had to take the bra cups in a full inch on each side, so I didn’t know how it would turn out on her, but Gloria did a great job working it down the runway. The accessories were chosen by the director (I chose shoes), and I must say, I LOVED the necklace. The model really fit into my design aesthetic and I was very pleased.

If you are in FIT this coming summer, be sure to check out my ensemble which will be displayed in the C-lobby!

Gloria and my ensemble

Gloria and my ensemble

cotton ensemble on runway