Bloom in Spring / After the Rain

Project video
My inspiration in fashion comes from the beauty and diversity of the world around us. From rain droplets to intricate flower patterns, I find inspiration in the colors, textures, and shapes of nature. I also look to the cultural expressions of people from around the world and incorporate elements of traditional dress and contemporary fashion to create unique and dynamic looks. The black rose, in my opinion, is a symbol of mystery, rebellion, and defiance. Unlike a traditional red rose, which represents love and passion, the black rose stands out with its unique and unexpected color, challenging the traditional norms of beauty and symbolism. Despite its associations with death and darkness, the black rose can also be seen as a symbol of strength and resilience. It represents the idea of embracing the unknown and finding beauty in the unexpected, reminding us to live life on our own terms and celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of all.
Photographer: Dahlia Mallebranche
Models: Elise Hart, Xu Xuruyi
Katty Liang
Katty Liang
Maracay, Venezuela
Special Occasion
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