Special occasion

Qinghong Bo
This tiered gown is made in black mesh fabric. In this image, the model is standing in front of a gold-framed mirror and looking into the camera.
Evan Brodkin
Sammi Chen
Kiara Coleman
Lourdes Colignon
Gabrielle De Leon
A female model in a purple pleated balloon dress with a train and a separate puffy collar is standing in front of a big window. She is facing the window, showing the back side of the garment. An asymmetric balloon length of the middle part of the garment and the open drapery back neck pf the garment are shown. A circular train and the dress hem are also shown here, the right side of the hem partially intersecting with the shadow of the window frames.
Bronwyn Chiaki Goldschneider
Faith Hrinkevich
Qingying Hu
Hee Jin Hwang
Yuri Ikegaya
Larglinda Ilazi
Isha Kesarwani
Sharfaraz Khan
Juan Kwon
Soi Lam
Jeanne Lee
Katty Liang
Kiara Nuñez
Jiwon Park
Jack Ransom
Simone Robinson
Hailey Alessandria Simes
Cynthia Soe
Jade Stephey
Dalia Tavarez
Keanu Williams
Janet Wong
Yumeki Yamaguchi
Amanda Zanetti
Gisele Julia Conti
Andrea Millan Cotto
Sharon Teissonniere
Bella Dell Antonia
Hellen Duran
Lauren Nicole Fraguada
Hailey Germano
Keyris Mateo Collado
Yunran Zhou

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